The Music Ministries of Hillside Church are a vital part of who we are. There are many opportunities for everyone to get involved: whether you are an instrumentalist, singer, or both!


Worship Team
The Worship Team at Hillside Church is responsible for leading the church in worship every Sunday. The skilled singers and instrumentalists have the awesome opportunity to submit their prayer, faith, and musical giftings as an offering of worship to the Lord. In doing so, they joyfully invite the congregation to participate through meaningful encouragement and singable music, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for worship. At Hillside there is no doubt in who we are worshipping and we are excited to show it!


Hillside Church Choir
At Hillside we believe that "Choir is for Everyone!!!" Regardless of your musical experience and background, if you have a voice and you want to use it for God's glory, you are welcome to join us! The choir vocally supports the worship team and enhances the worship experience. Additionally, there are also choir specials on given Sundays.

How can you join?
Although there are some requirements in regards to schedule, choir members are not required to join the church in order to participate in the Hillside Choir. We welcome YOU to join us!